Friday, February 3, 2017

Shades of Purple Cuff Bracelet

FEATURED PRODUCT: Shades of Purple Pearl Cuff Bracelet

This gorgeous pearl cuff features glass pearls in shades of purple, pink and white. It's a nice, wide cuff with a comfortable weight on the wrist. The clasp is a slide lock which is nice and secure. Available now at only $32.00

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Happy Autumn!!

Autumn. The air gets crisp and cool, the kids go back to school. The days grow shorter, and the leaves turn a rainbow of colors. There's leaf jumping and Halloween!! 

There's also warm, comfy clothes. Bulky warm sweaters, neck hugging cozy scarves. And a host of accessories to accessorize with them.  Check out these gorgeous pieces!

This adorable bangle is so comfortable to wear!  Made with a beautiful nylon yarn wrapped around a wooden bangle. Simple but sweet.  Available in 6 colors and more coming!

This beautiful spiral necklace is made with varying sizes of seed beads in autumn colors. Perfect over a nice sweater dress or turtleneck.

The shadows of leaves that have fallen sometimes can still be seen on the ground long after the leaves have been swept away. This is what I thought of when I made this sweet bracelet.

Well, that's all I have for you now!  There are lots more autumn jewelry pieces available in my shop!



Thursday, April 14, 2016

Food Blog: Nutrisystem Foods Review

Hi everyone!  Today's post is my second food blog featuring the Nutrisystem foods I've tasted.  I'm going to do a few foods each week and maybe branch out into other foods.  So here is the next block of items I've tried on the Nutrisystem diet.

3 Cheese Chicken

This was good.  Really good. 

However, in order to make it that way, I had to do two things:

1. ADD CHICKEN!  Okay, stop laughing!   LOL!  I am so not joking, there was NO chicken in it.  I did not taste one single cube of chicken, fresh, freeze-dried, chicken jerky, nothing.  Big disappointment.  But, it was rectified by some leftover diced roast chicken from the night before.

2. Have your seasonings on standby.  I basically had to add flavor to this to make it taste like something.  Oh, and the "cheese" part is more like a cheese sauce, and that is stretching it a bit.

As a meal that I had to have as part of the plan it was okay, once these two glaringly noticeable things were rectified.  The dried noodles cooked up perfectly and I even added a couple of chopped broccoli florets to the mix to add one of my daily veggies.  And by the way, the fact that there was no noticeable chicken in this meal you could actually substitute tuna in this and make a tuna casserole.  (Yes.  It works.)

The meal comes in a microwave-safe container like the instant cereal and noodle soup cups you can quickly nuke at work for breakfast and lunch.  A word of caution:  Watch this when it is in the microwave; do NOT walk away from it.  It boils over very fast and before you know it you will be cleaning up cheese sauce from your microwave tray.

Peanut Butter Granola Bar

This is a chewy "granola" bar with a peanut butter coating.  Now I say "granola" because there was nothing granola-like about it.  It had granola ingredients, but the granola part, as in TEXTURE, was lost on me.  It was chewy and dense like a protein bar.  It had a good taste and I would add this to my breakfast choice list, there was no aftertaste I could detect, but I just think of granola in a whole different way.  It was a pretty good bar though.

Cinnamon Bun

Now before you get jumpy up and down, "oooh Cinnabun" joyous on me, stop.  Sit down, I have some bad news.  These are not those giant, gooey concoctions you get from the mall.  ON the contrary, they are a big as a cupcake (remember the chocolate muffin I told you about?) and they a word...DRY.  Dry like birds will be looking for water if you broke this up into crumbs and fed it to them DRY.  Now, I can accept the size, after all, we ARE on a diet here.  But the dryness made me think of day-old bread.  Now before you get any more upset than you are now, I do have to say, I started getting used to them after I had my third one (I do have to say here that I bought a separate box of these so I would have more breakfast variety, I'm not really sure if they had these in one of the sample boxes.  There might have been, I just can't remember)  I put it in the oven for about two minutes and had it with some coffee and I was able to somewhat enjoy it.  It does have a nice cinnamon taste.  The bread part is not very sweet, but the icing on top kind of makes up for that.

So, there are my three food reviews this week!  I'll be back to review more next week!  Toodles!!

Go to the first Food Blog post on Nutrisystem foods here!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

2016 Spring Trends in Jewelry

It is a cold, rainy day here in NC. But that cold rain is going to bring up some nice green lawns and colorful flowers.

A tulip and a hyacinth from my garden.

And speaking of flowers, after a little research, I found that this year's Spring trend is leaning towards the natural.  Flowers, leaves, sticks, stones, insects, anything you can find and wrap a wire or bead around.  Getting in touch with your natural surroundings.  What better way to reacquaint yourself with the new growth of Spring than to wear it?

I've seen little flowers in glass bottles, tiny ferns encased in resin, real flower terrarium pendants, so much and so pretty!  So I decided to add my voice to theirs.

Dried Flower Bangle

I took real dried flowers and added them to a gold painted bangle.  Lots of varnish to protect the fragile petals and you have a lovely way to celebrate Spring!

While this piece is not made with real flowers, it still is a very sweet way to bring springtime to your wardrobe!  It is made with a vintage floral porcelain cabochon and is finished with a teeny butterfly that moves when you do! 

So, whether you go for the real deal in flower jewelry, or just a little flower-shaped trinket, there are so many ways to bring in the fresh, new, warm days of Spring!!

Visit my shop, Patricia Bowe Designs on Etsy for more Springtime Gorgeousness!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Nutrisystem Diet!

Hi everyone!

Yeah...I know, I know...Where in the world have I been?  Well, I started school so I haven't been able to do much in the way of beading or blogging.  But I decided today to add a post or two just to keep in touch. 

I wanted to lose some weight this year and I really wanted to put my all into it...this time.  Wanted to join Nutrisystem but I can't really afford it right now.  The good news is, I found some 1 week boxes in Walmart that gives you a chance to try out the food and determine if the diet is right for you.  So I bought a few of those.

I'm sure a lot of you are also out there wondering about doing the same thing and hesitating because of the potential taste of the food, so I am going to be your guinea pig and put the foods from NS that I eat in a little "Food Blog" so you can have some idea of what to expect.  Don't worry, I'm still working on some beading but I'm also studying so it will take longer to put new pieces up that I'm working on. 

Before we start, I need to let you guys know a few things.  First, the food portions are small.  I mean SMALL.  So if you're looking for a huge slab of meat on a plate, forget it.  Second, you have to buy fresh fruits and veggies and a couple of other things to supplement the meals.  I've been having mostly fruit cups in natural juice, spring greens, frozen veggies and yogurt. 

So, here we go! 

Double Chocolate Muffin

This was the first item I tried. I have to say that I am very pleasantly surprised. The muffin is the size of a cupcake, which is the size a muffin should be, before bakeries and coffeehouses started supersizing them to three times their size.  The muffin is dense in texture but somewhat moist.  There is a lot of chocolate flavor, and it actually reminds me more of a brownie than a muffin.  I had this with my morning coffee.  I finished this with a positive outlook to the NS diet.

White Bean Chicken Chili
With the exception of a tad too much cumin, this is actually a very good chili variation.  The chicken is tender, and there is a nice thickness and comfort-food feeling to it.  It comes in a 1-cup size container that reminds me of the instant Chunky soup microwave soups.  As I said before, you have to supplement these with a vegetable or something so I had some spring greens with a touch of olive oil and vinegar and seasoning. This made a very nice lunch. Tip: Spice this up with a dash or two of tobasco...I dare ya!! 

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
First off, if you're looking for these to taste like those yummy sandwich "O's", be prepared for a touch of disappointment.  That being said, they are not bad as a diet cookie.  My advice to those (like me) who like taking the cookie apart and eating the cream: Don't.  The cookie itself does that have that intense chocolate wafer cookie taste, but it is missing the sweetness.  And--keeping in mind that wafer cookies are dry by their very nature--the reduction of fat in these cookies makes the wafer parts VERY dry.  The cream is passable and again not as sweet as our favorite "O's".  My advice to you is to eat the cookie as is.  Eating it with the sandwich intact kind of boosts the sweetness factor (a little) so that the cookie is passable as a somewhat sweet-tooth tamer, albeit with faint thoughts of "I wish these were real Oreos" snack.

Chicken Noodle Soup
This is another meal that comes in one of those 1-cup size Chunky-like containers that you microwave.  I had a small roll with this one and it was pretty tasty.  Keep in mind as you eat this, that the pasta is a bit mushy, but  if you are a Campbell's or Lipton soup fan, it's really not a deal-breaker. 

So, that's all for now.  I'll be back with a new set of foods for you next time!  I'll try to take more pictures so you can see the packaging if I remember.  Toodles!!!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Finishing Up "Stuff" and Getting Ready for 2016

Hey everyone!!

Well, things are looking up!  My Etsy shop and are finally up and running, this blog has been reinstated, my YouTube Channel has been established and I've been working my tail off to get things moving smoothly.  I finally finished the videos that I wanted to upload and they are available now in the Beadweaver Dreams YouTube Channel

There is a still a lot of work to be done and I have a lot of plans for 2016, including a jewelry supplies shop and increasing my line of cuff bracelets and beading patterns.  

I wish everyone a Happy New Year and a wonderful and prosperous 2016 from Beadweaver Dreams!  Enjoy the two new videos I uploaded yesterday.  These are storms that I filmed from my window in NYC before I moved to North Carolina.  I hope you like them.