Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Etsy Store!!

Hi friends!

I have a new Etsy shop!  In addition to, I also have a new shop.  This one also sells some of my beaded jewelry pieces, but it also has handmade perfume oils and now beading patterns!  I'm so excited about this!  Hope to see you there!

I was going to close this blog, but I thought I would keep it for updates and new happenings in my Etsy store!  So here I stay!!! 


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Rules of Perfume Wear

Since I also sell hand-blended perfume oils in my web-boutique, I thought that I would write a post about perfume this time around.  Hope you like it!

Article: Rules of Perfume Wear
by: Patricia Bowe

The sensual practice of wearing perfume has been around for thousands of years. Oils, resins, juices and nowadays alcohol based fragrances entice and stimulate our senses. Here are a couple of guidelines to help you wear your favorite fragrance.

#1. The #1 rule of wearing perfume...don’t wear too much. You want a light aura of fragrance about you, one that leaves the ones you pass by spellbound and curious, not retreating out the back door looking for a gas leak. If they can smell your perfume and you are more than two - three feet away from them, or worse yet, if they can smell you 8 stories up or on the wind 5 minutes before they actually see you...chances are you’ve used too much.

#2. Your sense of smell can be deceiving. Just because you can’t smell the fragrance on you after 10 minutes or so, does not mean that you need to reapply. Reapplying every two minutes because you can’t smell it can cause you to be in violation of rule #1. Simply put, your olfactory nerves naturally become desensitized to the fragrance after a couple of minutes. Even though you can’t smell it, rest assured the people around you will pick up on it just fine.

#3. Spray or apply your Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum or perfume oil to strategic pulse points: wrists, cleavage, nape of the neck, behind your ears, behind your knees. I remember reading somewhere that you should apply your perfume to “places where you would like to be kissed”. A very sensual way to remember how to apply scent.

#4. Don’t apply perfumes to your clothing, pearls, jewelry or your hair as the alcohol and oils in the perfume can ruin your clothing and strip the color from your pearls and jewelry if you are not careful. Alcohol and oils can dry your hair or react negatively with your hair care products. I usually apply fragrance to my skin first, let it dry a bit then dress. If you wish, you can reapply in the evening.

#5. Layering. A good rule of thumb is layering. If you want a single fragrance to stay with you, try showering or bathing with a perfumed shower gel or soap, following with a body powder(optional), lotion, then perfume. That helps a lot with the fragrance staying with you longer without having to reapply copious amounts of scent.

#6. Know your skin chemistry. I know for a fact that there are some fragrances out there that smell heavenly when they are sprayed into the air, but once they settle on my skin and interact with my body chemistry, I smell like I haven’t showered in a couple of months. Always test the perfume against your body chemistry. I usually go to the perfume counter first, spray on a fragrance I am interested in on my hand, then walk away and do my other shopping, returning to the perfume counter last. This gives the perfume a chance to mellow and react with my skin and to test it’s staying power. Ask a friend to sniff your hand and tell you if they can still smell the fragrance. Smell the scent yourself at intervals and see if it has changed any and if it is still pleasing to you. You may love floral fragrances, but if they smell like a compost heap on your skin, you may want to try another fragrance group.

#7. Change fragrances with the seasons. An overly sweet or spicy scent in the summer can actually smell stifling and cloying, in some cases, even sickening (ever smell roasted sweet peanuts or cotton candy in 90 degree weather?). On the flip side, lighter scents in the winter can get lost in the cold. Try to use fragrances that will complement the season, eg. light florals, greens and fresh water type scents are great for the spring and summer seasons, while heavy spices, musks and sweet foody scents are best left until the autumn and winter months where they carry better in the cooler temperatures.

To me perfumes and colognes should enhance, bring out your beauty, your handsomeness, the sensuality and sexiness in you. They are supposed to leave the ones you pass by with an air of mystery, a sense of seduction, curiosity. The bottom line...finding and applying the perfect fragrance is a quest. Have fun in your search.

 © 2014 Patricia Bowe

Welcome to July!  This month's fragrance is...

LILAC - Pretty summertime fragrance of lilacs in bloom.  This month Lilac Perfume oil is only $7.50 (reg. $8.50)

Our July Sale is still going strong!  Come and check out our sale pieces!  From beaded bookmarks to beaded bracelets and necklaces!  Sale ends 7/6/14!!  Don't miss out!

Have a wonderful July 4th weekend everyone!  Toodles!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Beadweaver Dreams: Our First Jewelry Sale at Patricia Bowe - Handwoven Beadwork

Beadweaver Dreams: Our First Jewelry Sale!: WOOHOO!  Our first beaded jewelry sale!  There's lots of stuff to choose from, earrings, bracelets, necklaces!  Come and check us out!
Patricia Bowe - Handwoven Beadwork

Our First Jewelry Sale!

WOOHOO!  Our first beaded jewelry sale!  There's lots of stuff to choose from, earrings, bracelets, necklaces!  I have a bunch of stuff that needs to go to make room for...MORE STUFF! 

Here's a sample of what's up for sale! 
Alice Necklace - Reg.  $32.00  SALE!  $28.00

Caramel Filigree Necklace - Reg. $53.00  SALE!  $45.00

Victoria Pearl Bracelet - Reg. $84.00  SALE!  $64.00
Opalite Iris Bracelet - Reg. $30.00  SALE! $22.50

And much, much more!  So come and check it out!  Hope to see you there!!!  Toodles!
SALE ENDS 7/6/14

Monday, June 16, 2014

Loving this Right Angle Weave!!!

Now that the boutique is open and I've gotten some marketing in place, I need to get back to throwing myself into creating more pieces.  I decided to do something to boost my creative engines. So,  I picked a stitch at random and just started playing with it.  I stitched and ripped, stitched and ripped.  A small pile of used Fireline later, I started to hit upon a design.  Simple, but simplicity is often the highest form of elegance. 

I was purely winging it when I made this but by the time I was finished, I not only had a sweet piece, but an idea that could be used for so many other projects.  "Rebecca" is a band of red and gold seed beads (left over from my "Indira" necklace) embellished with ruby and clear crystals.  It gave me a chance to expand on my skill in CRAW (cubic right angle weave) and gave me a better understanding of the thread paths and structuring used in making dimensional pieces.  This exercise opened up a new chapter in beadweaving for me. 

Rebecca is on sale now in my boutique. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Turquoise Howlite, A New Piece and the Fragrance Of the Month!!!

Hi everybody!  Well, it's been a hectic couple of weeks but things are finally starting to calm down.  My computer is working again and I have a lot of catching up to do.  But it's good, I welcome the work!!! Hee Hee! 

Today we are going to talk about the Howlite stone.

  Howlite (calcium borosilicate hydroxide) is a very porous stone that has gained popularity because of its nature to take on any color that it is dyed with, most notably, turquoise.   In its natural state, it is a white/grey color which makes it perfect for coloring in any shade, and its dark vein inclusions make it ideal for making the perfect "turquoise" substitute and enabling jewelry artisans to create beautiful pieces that would have been too budget-prohibitive if they had used real turquoise.  Howlite has also been dyed in many, many different colors and has been used to simulate coral and lapis gemstones as well.

My Blue Angel Necklace is a perfect example of using Turquoise Howlite instead of traditional turquoise.  She's made with different shapes of dyed howlite embroidered with hematite and silver colored seed beads.  The center has tiny capri Swarovski bicones and the necklace is a seed bead rope of hematite beads.

In my Katherine Necklace, I used a very deep blue dyed Howlite stone.  I thought using the darker stone in this gave the whole piece a more regal look.  The stone is set and mounted on brass filigree then flanked on both sides with little brass flower sprays that are dotted with Swarovski crystal chatons. Then the necklace chain is hand-pieced together with sections of Swarovski bicones sandwiched between two brass beadcaps.  A very simple piece that still screams elegance. 

Last but certainly not least, our perfume oil department has chosen our Fragrance of the Month.   Because I couldn't get you the fragrance of the month discount until today, I will take off an extra $.25 for this month's fragrance!  So instead of $1.00 off, it will  be $1.25!!!  So, June's fragrance of the month is...

 Blackberry Cassis Perfume
Blackberry Cassis is warm and fruity, with notes of wild ripe blackberries, sweet cassis (blackcurrant liqueur) and amber.   Add the code BlackberryCassis  when checking out!

I'm so excited to finally bring these lovely things to you!  Come!  Visit my boutique for a little while and see what treasures you can discover.  Until next time, Toodles!!!