Friday, May 5, 2017

A Honey of a Post: The Benefits of Honey

photo by phasinphoto

I was looking to change my way of eating. So I bought some coconut oil, some nutty nibblies, almond milk and some raw honey to start. I have never had raw honey before and I am hooked! Looked up the benefits of eating straight raw honey and I thought I would share my research with you as well as one of my favorite recipes.

This sweet gift of the bee has so many healthful benefits for the human body. Aside from being just a sweetner, honey has more important healing properties:

*It is said that eating honey can strengthen those weakened by illness or stress.

*It can calm the mind and may help with insomnia.

*It is said that honey can also relieve indigestion and treat respiratory complaints and cardiovascular disease.

*Eating honey that is grown locally is well known to help against hay fever and strengthen the immune system against pollen from local trees and flowers.

photo by graur razvan ionut.

Honey Tips:

1. When buying honey, organic is the best. 

Organic honey is honey that is produced, processed and packaged in accordance with USDA regulations and certified by a USDA certified agency or organization. Also buy honey in which the bees produce the honey naturally, without being fed refined sugars. 

2. Get to know the different flavors and types of honey.

Not all honey is the same. Depending on the region, the flowers from which the bees collect their nectar, etc. there are so many flavors, fragrances and consistencies out there. The types of honey are vast. There are at least 300 types of honey in the USA alone! And as far as forms of honey they range from liquid, comb honey,(where the edible honeycomb is in the jar with the honey), crystallized, whipped... then there are honeys that are infused with fruit, herbs...((Whew!)), even honey made by killer bees! (yes, you read that right...killer bees! And it's delicious.) Go on a honey quest and see how many flavors you can find.

3. Important!! 

 Do not feed unpasturized honey to children under a year! Unpasturized honey contains a bacteria that is very harmful to small children but seems to be harmless in adults.

 4. Having trouble sleeping? I love this and use it all the time to relax. Add a spoonful to some lavender or chamomile (or better yet, a combination of both flowers) tea before bed. Breathe in deeply the relaxing aroma of the lavender or chamomile. Sip slowly, letting each sip go down gently. You should feel nice and relaxed by the time you finish your cup of tea.

5. I also like a nice cup of warm milk laced with a little rum, a dash of spice and a spoonful or two of honey at night. You can use regular milk or soy milk(vanilla is better for this - it has a nicer taste)

6. Take a honey bath! Take an ounce or two of honey and add a couple of drops of lavender essential oil. Add to a warm bath to help you relax.



This is my favorite chicken wing recipe!!

Spicy Honey Wings

2lbs chicken wings cleaned and split into sections

1/8 tsp of each of the following (mix these together):


Black Pepper

Garlic Powder





Pinch or two of Cayenne Pepper or Crushed Red Pepper Flakes (this is to taste. If you love fiery wings like me, add more. I even go as far as to add Tobasco sauce on top of that!)

1/4 cup honey

Combine the dry ingredients and set aside. Clean and split chicken wings. Take the dry mix and rub a liberal amount on the wings. Whatever spices are left set aside for now. Either broil or grill wings until their juices run clear. 

While the chicken is cooking, take the remaining spices and mix them into the honey. Baste the honey mixture over the chicken pieces like you would a barbecue sauce, let caramelize then baste again. You want a nice, thick sticky coating so people have no choice but to lick their fingers! This is my favorite chicken dish and you can use it for wings, or even larger pieces or a whole bird! Enjoy!!

 (By the way, the spices are very adjustable. If you want more cinnamon, by all means. If you want a more garlicky chicken, sprinkle away.